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Choose a Fully Integrated Solution

Businesses that rely on a variable, part-time labor pool are working harder just to stay competitive these days. Managing the regulatory environment and high turnover can be costly to your business and can pull your focus away from reaching your goals – or closer to achieving them. OnePayHR’s innovative solutions are designed to help you meet your most challenging cash flow, talent, and compliance needs and help you focus more on what you’re good at – growing your business. We help many companies like yours better manage their people, their risk, and their time. 

OnePayHR's baseline engagement includes turnkey solutions for payroll, compliance, and HR needs that can help you break free from managing time-intensive administrative tasks and focus more on growing your business.

OnePayHR offers:

Payroll and HR Administration

To help you stay a step ahead of the regulatory environment and instill confidence that you’re meeting applicable requirements

 Labor Marketplace

Re-Connect to employees you lost to turnover, create a flexible marketplace environment and find employees that can fill shifts in OnePay's Ecosystem

 Mobile Access/Solutions

Provide easy, self-service access to payroll, benefits and PTO data for you and your employees

Dedicated Client Support

A dedicated payroll rep assigned directly to your business and supported by our HR, Risk, Benefits, and Technical support teams that are dedicated to optimize your experience

 Seamless Integration

Including GL, scheduling, time and attendance and many other applications that automate our service plan

Data security

OnePay's security safeguards help protect your data and information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access and alteration

Risk Management Mitigation and EPLI

Workers Compensation, EPLI and Safety Management that is designed to significantly reduce cost and liability

Employee Benefits and Retirement

Benefit marketplace designed for transitional labor including Health, Dental, 401k, Life, Daily Pay, Pay Cards and more

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