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Let’s be honest. If you’re managing daily administrative tasks, you are distracted from growing your business.  Consider us your HR expert with a virtual seat at your company. We help with the daily (and ongoing) HR tasks so you can focus on your operational strategies.

Accurate and responsive human resource management at your fingertips.

How it Works



Employee onboarding, I-9s, employee training, employee turnover, unemployment claims, managing paid time off (PTO), and wrongful termination suits,…let us know when the anxiety kicks in.

As a business owner, your stress no longer needs to be tied to human resources. As your employer administrative partner, it’s in our best interest to offer you our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and HR Resources at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

 Let us remove these important HR issues from your plate.

Proven Experts

Our on-staff HR professionals bring over 35 years of experience to your fingertips.  We leverage an array of HR Support tools, and legal and Compliance mitigation services to keep you compliant 

Personalized Support

It’s time to free yourself from the weight of HR. The team at OnePayHR will help you make informed decisions, lighten the administrative burden, & create freedom for you and your employees.

Don't Do This Alone

We will help you build and inspire your team. Lean on us for HR advice and expertise so you can focus on business growth. We’ll help you keep your employees happy and healthy. 



Effortlessly manage payroll and run customized reports.  Preview and approve payroll at the click of a button.




Time & Attendance


Bring your own time clock system or use one of our integrated partners. Still tracking hours on paper? That’s OK too, but let us show you more.


Create custom PTO rules based on your company needs. PTO requests are easily managed all in the same place.

Document Storage

Easily create and manage I-9 forms, W4s, employee information, job descriptions, and more. No more tracking them down on your desktop.

Recruiting Tools

When you post a job or shift through our marketplace, you are able to connect with people that want to work in your business. Real-time resumes.


Quickly and accurately set up your employees in our system through our mobile app while remaining 100% compliant at the same time. 

Functionality of OnePayHR

By leveraging OnePayHR's technology you are better able to connect with your employees and re-connect with employees you have lost to turnover. OnePayHR can help your company thrive in this new labor era.

Faster onboarding

Accelerate talent acquisition and onboarding from months to weeks or days.

Saving time = saving money. Streamline your onboarding processes with digital tools

Reduce labor spend

Reduce the direct cost of workers' compensation, benefits, and outsourced and temp labor spending by leveraging OnePayHR's proprietary insurance vehicles and technology. 


Attraction of talent

Reduce turnover immediately and improve employee retention by offering a marketplace ideal that creates the flexibility and benefits employees are demanding.


Automate HR workflows and compliance enforcement across 50 states and internationally.



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