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Our Opportunity 

  • A Marketplace approach that provides a solution to the broken supply chain management systems (VMS/MSP).

  • A marketplace that allows workers to build their online presence that creates more work opportunities.

  •  Ecosystems that create connections between job providers and job seekers

  • A platform that will offer advanced analytics capabilities to give valuable insights into performance metrics. 


Human Capital Management Platform created to compete for employees in the Gig Economy

• OnePayHR is a disruptive HCM solutions provider that helps shift-based operators navigate regulatory mandates, remove administrative burdens and connect with high-quality on-demand shift workers (“workers”)


• OnePayHR proprietary solution offering is the only integrated workforce management platform of its kind comprising 

• OnePayHR is uniquely positioned to help your business adapt to the Gig ideals and provide a turn-key solution to address increased scrutiny on compliance programs and worker dissatisfaction with non-equitable employment practices


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