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Elevate your business, Optimize your resourcing, and Reduce labor spend

Evolve from a static labor strategy by introducing the industry’s only Workforce Management solution with an internal talent marketplace. OnePay’s innovative platform uses AI technology and empathic intelligence to support and manage a more optimized workforce.

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How it Works

Focus On Your Business. We'll Focus on HR.

You probably didn't start your business to be an expert in human resources, government compliance, shopping for benefits, or dealing with workers' compensation.
But we did.

Payroll and HR Administration

Employee Benefits and Retirement

HR Risk Mitigation and EPLI

Workers Compensationand Safety

HR Technology and Mobile Applications


92% of businesses say compliance, turnover and employer related cost are sapping the profit and produciton out of their business

88% of businesses don’t feel they have strong technology for today's labor market

47% of companies will outsource their employer related burdens to "aggregators" such as OnePayHR who were designed for today's labor market

Functionality of OnePayHR


The Flex-Labor Model

By leveraging OnePayHR's technology you are better able to connect with your employees and re-connect with employees you have lost to turnover. OnePayHR can help your company thrive in this new labor era.

Faster onboarding

Accelerate talent acquisition and onboarding from months to weeks or days.

Saving time = saving money. Streamline your onboarding processes with digital tools

Reduce labor spend

Reduce the direct cost of workers' compensation, benefits, and outsourced and temp labor spending by leveraging OnePayHR's proprietary insurance vehicles and technology. 


Attraction of talent

Reduce turnover immediately and improve employee retention by offering a marketplace ideal that creates the flexibility and benefits employees are demanding.


Automate HR workflows and compliance enforcement across 50 states and internationally.



An end-to-end platform

Talent management





Workforce management



Time and attendance

Absence management

Payroll and billing


Instant pay

Revenue management



Training and certification

Industry accreditations

Audit tools

Service quality

Prediction algorithms

Employee engagement

Performance management

Data analytics

Labor analytics

Performance analytics

Net profit protection


Our Clients

Why companies like OnePayHR?


OnePayHR has been an absolute breath of fresh air. I am so accustomed to being over-promised and under-delivered that I honestly forgot what it feels like to experience the opposite.
Your team has been so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. We could not be happier with the decision we have made to partner with you all.
You have completely won us over, and we are looking forward to a bright and lucrative future.

N.W., AZ

Partner with us
OnePayHR clients save an average of 17% on their labor costs

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